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General Dentistry

A Trusted Local Dentist for Your Family’s Care

Your top-notch general and family dentistry services that provide comprehensive dental care and personalized treatments for every family member. Look no further and experience the difference with our professional, family-friendly general family dentistry services.

Start Your Comprehensive Care With Us

Dental Care

Basic dental care including checkups, consultations, and cleanings for optimal oral hygiene and ongoing prevention.

Cavity Protection & Restorations

Modern technology detects issues early. We use safe, mercury-free materials to protect against cavities and restore decayed teeth.

Advanced Dental

Whether patients are experiencing tooth pain and sensitivity or dealing with chipped, damaged, or missing teeth, we can fix it.

Our Process

What To Expect At Your Visit

A dental visit that makes the experience smoother and less daunting for everyone. Understanding what to expect with our general dentistry services demystifies the process, setting the stage for a more relaxed and informed visit at AAdvanced Dental.

Digital Low Radiation X-Rays:

Using advanced digital X-rays with reduced radiation for safer, faster dental imaging.

Professional Consultation:

Discussion about your dental health concerns and goals to personalize your care.

Dental Examination:

A thorough check of your teeth and gums to assess overall dental health.

Complete Treatment Plan:

A customized plan focused on improving and maintaining your dental health.


Solutions for Oral Health Issues

Oral hygiene is crucial for overall health, not just for preventing dental issues like caries and periodontal disease. At our practice, we specialize in addressing a wide range of dental concerns.

Tooth Pain & Sensitivity

Feeling discomfort or sensitivity in your teeth? An oral examination is essential to pinpoint the cause and provide targeted treatment, ensuring relief and restoring your comfort.

Decayed, Chipped or Missing Teeth

Discover long-lasting solutions with crowns and bridges. Or step into the future with dental implants, a technologically advanced option that eliminates the need for bridges or dentures.

Mercury-Filling Removal

Opt for mercury-free fillings to safeguard your dental health. With less removal of healthy tissue and reduced risk of decay and gum discoloration, you can smile with confidence. Our special protocols ensure safe removal of old amalgam fillings.

Teeth Grinding or Jaw Clenching

Combat bruxism with effective treatments tailored to your needs. From wearing a nightguard for protection to exploring advanced options like injectable neurotoxin, we're here to help you reclaim comfort and peace of mind.


Our Patients' Success Stories

Olga M.

“My kids and I have been seeing Dr. Shimanovsky for over 15 years. Her professional expertise, the latest dental knowledge and equipment, integrity, and compassionate concern for the person are greatly appreciated. My whole family always feels safe and in reliable hands.”

Kahra W.

“Everyone at AAdvanced Dental was very kind and helpful when my daughter and I went in for our appointments. We both had to come back to get cavities filled because we hadn’t been to the dentist in years. I appreciated that she was extra sensitive to my anxiety about getting the fillings and she talked me through the whole process.”

Sara R.

“Love this group of talented staff and providers. Dr. Shimanovsky has always taken great care of me and my family. When my girls had their regular cleanings and checkups, Dr. S. was able to apply sealants on the same day quickly and with great attention to our time and needs.”

Ready to Give Your Family a Healthy Smile?

Maintaining regular dental hygiene appointments is essential for healthy gums and preventing tooth loss and other health issues. Schedule your appointment with AAdvanced Dental today to ensure your optimal oral health. Don’t wait, book your visit now and let your smile shine!

Insurance & Payment Options

We accept most major insurance plans and our experienced staff will gladly assist you in obtaining the maximum benefits your plan provides. Please ask us any questions you may have about insurance or financial options. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

Financing Available

We offer dental treatment financing: